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Estate planning and any probate process is rarely easy, even when the estate is simple. It is smart to hire counsel that has represented many testators, executors, administrators, heirs and interested persons throughout the years.

Shep Helton and Jonathan Fultz, at Helton & Fultz, LLC, are the Georgia estate planning attorneys to represent you. With extensive estate planning and probate experience, we can help you create an estate plan, advise you through the probate process of a friend or family member, or raise issue with a will or trust, all while advocating for your best interests.

What Documents Does An Estate Plan Need?

Every adult should have an estate plan, and every state plan should have a few key documents:

  • A will that stipulates which of your assets and property go to which beneficiaries.
  • A power of attorney that gives someone else the power to make legal decisions for you if you become incapacitated.
  • A health care power of attorney who can authorize medical treatment if you become incapacitated.
  • A trust, such as a revocable living trust or a special needs trust that takes care of precious loved ones.

That said, every estate is unique. When you make an appointment with our attorney, you can discuss your particular needs and we can tailor your estate plan to your needs.

What Is Estate Administration And Probate?

Estate administration is the legal process of managing someone’s estate after their death. After a court has declared a deceased person’s will valid, then the estate’s executor has several duties. When someone dies intestate, then the court appoints an administrator. This executor or administrator must attend the court-managed probate process, which transfers the property of the decedent’s estate.

Some of an executor’s or administrator’s duties include:

  • Creating an inventory
  • Distributing property and assets
  • Notifying and repaying creditors

As you can imagine, these obligations come with several complex legal steps. Helton & Fultz, LLC, can assist you to complete every step and avoid potential problems.

Get Trusted Counsel In Estate Planning And Administration

When you need an attorney to assist you with these complex legal fields, contact Helton & Fultz, LLC in Cartersville. We will provide honest discussions and one-on-one guidance. To schedule a consultation, call 678-920-7088 or send the law firm an email.